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Galerie Luohan

For more than two decades, Galerie Luohan is offering Chinese furniture pieces, architectural elements and scholars objects, in particular strange rocks to be displayed in the studio or bigger ones for the garden. From austere minimalism to refined sophistication, those vernacular objects illustrate an elegant art of living, blending serenity and poetry. If the history of a millenary culture and the thoughts that those objects tell in the simplest of manners, has contributed over the past centuries to nourish the western art with refreshing ideas, today, it keeps on supplying modernity with numerous features.

Contemporary aspirations expecting a living environment appreciative and respectful of the natural principles and forces sound like an echo. The prestigious interior projects, the gallery was involved in and the international museums which have placed their trust in its judgement, set Galerie Luohan as a reference on the international market of Chinese furniture.

Galerie Luohan has been founded by Laurent Colson. During his time in China as an engineer in the high tech and the space industry, his scientific mind leads him to a deep interest in Chinese furniture. He was fascinated by the clever wood working and joinery technics, the beauty of the material, such as rare timbers and precious lacquer. He published articles on the matter and delivers regularly introductions in France or Asia. Besides, the strange and curious objects that populated scholars’ dreams, nurture his inclination for fantasy. From the studio rocks, a subject he contributed to with essays, he moved to the field of garden rocks, publishing a book on the Art of Chinese gardens in partnership with Editions du Rouergue and the collaboration of the photographer Iris L. Sullivan.

Originally established « quai Malaquais » in Paris, now Galerie Luohan welcomes collectors by appointment only or on the occasion of special events.

Galerie Luohan, Imperial dragon cabinet

Imperial Dragon Cabinet

Qing dynasty (1644-1911)
Kangxi period (1661- 1722)

Orange lacquer, qiangjin (gilded incised lines),
tianqi (lacquer of a different color infilled in the background lacquer)
and caihui (polychrome)

127 x 69.5 x 190 cm