One of FAB PARIS‘s priorities is to ensure the quality of the works exhibited through a committee of independent and renowned specialists. All works presented at the Salon must undergo a meticulous physical examination by the members of the various admissions committees just before the opening of the fair.

The same rigor of quality is applied to the new viewing room of the Show, FAB PARIS Online. The members of the committee ensure a rigorous digital verification of the objects of the platform before they are put online.

The commission for the admission of works is made up of directors and curators of museums, professors and researchers in art history, as well as members of unions of art experts.

* The works exhibited at the Salon and on its Online edition  are presented under the direct and sole responsibility of the gallery. The admissions committee, set up by the FAB PARIS organization, could only give an advisory opinion on the quality and authenticity of the works. The responsibility of the organizers and members of the said commission can in no case be sought if the authenticity of a work should be contested.


Semaine des Arts