5 young talents at FAB PARIS

FAB PARIS is showcasing five promising young galleries, all of whom have yet to make their mark, in a space designed by decorator Victor Cadène.

5 Young Talents at FAB PARIS

The Paris art market still has some well-kept secrets, such as the formidable network of brilliant restorers and framers who work behind the scenes all year round.

In addition to the hundreds of established auction houses and galleries, Paris also boasts a breeding ground of brilliant young dealers, nurtured and guided by their elders, who will be tomorrow’s greats.

FAB Paris president and director Louis de Bayser and Hélène Mouradian were enthusiastic about the idea of showcasing the work of five young galleries who had yet to make a name for themselves.

We have selected five passionate and extremely promising dealers, or dealer duos, with solid knowledge and good taste.

There are two conditions: they must not have a fixed address and they must choose an item costing less than €10,000.


The five young talents invited to FAB PARIS 2023

5 jeunes talents à FAB PARIS : Marianne Paunet et Yasmina Sabrier

Marianne Paunet & Yasmina Sabrier

Old Masters drawings


5 jeunes talents à FAB PARIS : Louis Barrand

Louis Barrand

Paintings, drawings and prints
from the 19th century
to the post-war period.

Galerie Louis Barrand


5 jeunes talents à FAB PARIS : Nicolas Fournery

Nicolas Fournery

Porcelains from China and Japan
Galerie Nicolas Fournery


5 jeunes talents à FAB PARIS : Paul-Antoine Richet Coulon

Paul-Antoine Richet Coulon

Animal art 1850-2050
Galerie La Ménagerie


Rémi Chiappone

Rémi Chiappone

Works of art and decorative objects
20th century

Galerie Astéria


The Curators of the Young Talents exhibition at FAB PARIS :

Carole Blumenfeld
Art historian

Mathieu Deldicque
Director of the Musée Condé, Château de Chantilly

Cécilia Hottinguer
ollector and patron of the Cabinet des arts graphiques des Beaux-arts de Paris and the Château de Vaux-le-Vicomte


Scenography by Victor Cadène

The space dedicated to tthe exhibition “5 Young talents at FAB PARIS” will be designed by Victor Cadène, a 29-year-old decorative artist whose creations on paper have led to numerous collaborations, notably with Hermès, Orient Express and Diptyque.

Victor Cadène, artiste décorateur, scénographe de l'exposition "5 Jeunes  talents à FAB PARIS"

Victor Cadene, a multi-talented decorative artist, creates two-dimensional decorative scenes from drawings that he cuts out and assembles into collages.

A profusion of detail enlivens his works, reflecting his interest in the decorative arts in the broadest sense.

The influence of Baroque painting and the Rococo style, the Nabis and Matisse, and the work of Paul Poiret’s Atelier Martine are all evident.

He responds to these commissions from his studio near Fontainebleau, where each element is created by hand, from drawing to colouring, cutting and collage.

January 2024 will see the presentation of a tapestry in collaboration with the Robert Four Aubusson workshops, as well as his book “À l’Intérieur”, published by Infine.



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