Jean Dubuffet – Rebonds
From one work to another

From September 26, 2023
to February 16, 2024

Fondation Dubuffet

137, rue de Sèvres
75006 Paris

Exposition Jean Dubuffet - Rebonds<br />
D'une œuvre à l'autre

The Fondation Dubuffet invites the public to revisit approximately a hundred works by Jean Dubuffet through the lens of the play of resemblances.

Affiche de l'exposition "Jean Dubuffet - Rebonds. D'une œuvre à l'autre"

This exhibition is above all an experience to be shared around the work of Jean Dubuffet.

The idea is to demonstrate how one artwork resonates with the next, and then with another, like a ball whose bounces leave traces along the way.

This back-and-forth artistic game is a delicate and perilous exercise because it is inherently subjective. Naturally, a curator’s perspective on an artist’s work is always subjective due to the choices made about the works on display.

However, in this case, it is quite different.


An animal with paws that look like chair legs!
We laugh!
There are many objects in the world that resemble and evoke each other.
What we need to emphasize is not the differences and particularities, but rather the similarities

Jean Dubuffet, 1946.

The curators’ selection of works was driven by their desire to approach the artist in a new light by choosing works from various periods that, in their view, reveal correspondences.

These correspondences may take the form of variations on a theme, similarity in composition, or the presence of elements foreshadowing the development of the artwork.

It is a subtle exercise, rich in surprises.

Jean Dubuffet, Cliché 3337, Huile sur toile, juillet 1954

Jean Dubuffet
Cliché 3337

Oil on canvas
92 x 73 cm
July 1954

Catalogue des travaux de Jean Dubuffet, F. X, n° 63 Coll. Fondation Dubuffet, Paris