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Capucine Montanari

The Montanari Gallery, founded in 1978 by Amedeo Montanari, has a very important stock of French, Italian, Spanish and Dutch frames, from the 16th to the 20th century.

To ensure continuity, Capucine Montanari-Fleury joined the gallery where she collaborates with a team of highly qualified framers, including a “Meilleur Ouvrier de France”. These professionals are available to the public to advise and help choose the most suitable supports for the works entrusted to them, whatever the period.

The workshop carries out all types of framing and old-fashioned mounting. It uses only neutral materials that comply with the most stringent current requirements, in order to ensure optimal preservation of the works and to satisfy both public and private institutions. All work is carried out with the utmost care, to enhance, but also preserve, engravings, drawings and paintings.

Although the gallery specializes in antique frames, it does not neglect modernity and can create any style of frame and perform contemporary framing.

Cadre Louis XVI ref 987, France, Bois sculpté (chêne ) et doré or fin

Frame Louis XVI
ref 987

View dimensions: 22×22
Carved wood (oak) and finely gilded

On the corner post, the heart rays are finely carved, while the corner leaves, also carved, are attached after gilding.

In the recess, magnificent rudented channels can be seen, entirely burnished with corner leaves in the corners.

On the outside of the profile, a thin ribbon is punctuated with corner leaves and centers.

The round sculpted pediment represents laurel and ribbon.


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