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Galerie A&R Fleury

The gallery, founded by Alexandre and Richard Fleury, has been located at 36 avenue Matignon since 2007. Specializing in the second market, Galerie A&R Fleury offers initiatives that open a dialogue between the work of established contemporary artists and the historical figures of the 20th century. Thus, these projects reveal the intersections and relationships between different artistic approaches that span several generations.

The gallery also focuses on the careers of women artists, actively collaborating with the estates of Alicia Penalba and Geneviève Claisse, to offer new perspectives on their work. In 2021, the gallery organized, in partnership with «La Maison de l’Amérique latine» in Paris, the largest exhibition in France devoted to the Argentine sculptor. More recently, in collaboration with AWARE and Frieze Masters, the gallery presented a project revealing Geneviève Claisse’s 60s period.

Since its creation, galerie A&R Fleury has endeavored to offer museum-quality projects for fairs and exhibitions, with meticulous scenography and, for each event, publications that ensure the continued relevance of the curated works.

Bernar VENET(1941) Double ligne Indéterminée, 1992

Bernar VENET

Double ligne Indéterminée, 1992

Steel rolled and black patinated
38 x 48 x 38 cm
38,5 x 55 x 55 cm avec socle
Signed and numbered below the line “Venet 1492”

This artwork is recorded in the Artist’s Archives under the number bv92ss39.

On the occasion of FAB, the A&R Fleury gallery will present a focus on this essential artist.

Bernar Venet has the gift of transforming a hard and unforgiving material into a delicate and flexible composition. He enjoys the challenge of handling steel bars, which add a dimension of power and monumentality to his sculptures, even the smallest ones.

In a constant tension between chance and control, heaviness and lightness, cohesion and rupture, Venet offers a paradoxical work open to many perspectives.