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Alessandra et Giulia Dei Bardi

Dei Bardi Art is a third-generation family-owned gallery run by Alessandra Dei Bardi and her daughter, Giulia. Grounded by a strong family tradition, the gallery was founded in 1976.

After more than thirty years’ experience in the Italian art market and ten years on the Parisian and international scene, it opened its doors in the renowned Sablon district of Brussels in 2019. Dei Bardi Art offers a wide selection of works, ranging from medieval sculptures and Wunderkammer objects to Renaissance sculptures, with a special emphasis on marble and stone sculptures.

Driven by our passion for everything beautiful, we are known for our ability and taste to create contemporary ambiences highlighting each works of art’s intrinsic qualities and the dialogue between periods, movements and materials. From Florence to Brussels, Dei Bardi Art aims to shed new light on European sculptures and works of art from the Middle Ages and the Renaissance.

Two heads of Crowned Virgins, Polychrome and gilded limestone, France, first half of the 14th century, H 20 x W 16 x D 15.5 cm

Two heads of Crowned Virgins
Polychrome and gilded limestone

France, first half of the 14th century
H 20 x W 16 x D 15.5 cm

Private collection since 1980, Florence, Italy
Private collection since 1960, Paris, France