Newsletter no. 4

Wednesday 12th July 2023

Giulio Carpioni, La puerizia (ou l'école), huile sur toile,

Each week discover the exhibitors of FAB PARIS 2023

This week, discover a painting by Giulio Carpioni presented by Galerie Laocoon-W.Apolloni, a painting by Giovanni Antonio Galli proposed by Galerie Giovanni Sarti and a painting by Hisao Domoto chosen by Galerie Louis & Sack.

Laocoon Gallery – W. Apolloni

Directed by Marco Fabio Apolloni, W. Apolloni has existed for three generations. During its successful history, it has sold many masterpieces to museums in Italy and abroad. In 2012, Marco Fabio and his wife, Monica Cardarelli, founded Galleria del Laocoonte, presenting works by 20th century Italian artists through exhibitions in their gallery in Rome, fairs in Europe and even in museums.

Seven years later, they opened the Laocoon Gallery in London, presenting not only the best examples of paintings and drawings by Italian Old Masters, sculptures, decorative arts and furniture, but also works by early 20th century Italian artists, many of whom are completely unknown to the international market.

Laocoon Gallery - W.Apolloni, Giulio Carpioni, La puerizia (ou l'école), Oil on canvas

Giulio Carpioni
La puerizia (or the school)
Oil on canvas, 158 x 338 cm

Galerie Giovanni Sarti

The G. Sarti Gallery is located in an “hôtel particulier”, at 137 rue du Faubourg Saint-Honoré, where are mainly presented Italian painting paintings from the 13th to the 18th centuries.

The Gallery’s reputation has been built over the past 40 years on its research, publications, discoveries and numerous exhibitions organized around two main fields:
. Works from the 13th to 15th centuries and the Renaissance;
. Caravaggesque paintings.

The bilingual catalogues that accompany these exhibitions have often contributed to the advancement of knowledge. The experts of the G. Sarti Gallery are the only ones recognized by the CNES (the National Council of Specialized Experts) for the Early Italian paintings.

Galerie Giovanni sarti, Giovanni Antonio Galli, called LO SPADARINO, Dalila, Oil on canvas

Giovanni Antonio Galli, called LO SPADARINO
(Roma, 1585 – 1652)
Circa 1645-1650
Oil on canvas – 165 x 132 cm

Galerie Louis & Sack

Founded in 2020 by Rebecca Sack and Aude Louis Carvès. The gallery specializes in Japanese artists from the ‘Nouvelle Ecole de Paris’ from 1950 to 1970. The second axis of research of the gallery is the Korean contemporary creation of the XXIst century, painting and ceramics.

The gallery is located in the heart of Saint-Germain-des-Prés in Paris, amidst the historical Cour de Rohan. It regularly presents exhibitions of its artists, and in parallel participates regularly in fairs. Since 2021 the gallery has exhibited at Asia Now, Fine Arts La Biennale and the Salon du Dessin.

Galerie Louis & Sack, Hissa Domoto, Oil on canvas, 1959

Hisao Domoto
Oil on canvas
signed and dated on reverse, 89 x 115 cm


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