Newsletter no. 33

Thursday 26 October 2023

Each week discover the exhibitors of FAB PARIS 2023.

This week, discover a bronze by Alessandro Algardi chosen by Brun Fine Art, a 19th-century brooch exhibited by Alain Pautot and a suit of armour proposed by Galerie Jean-Christophe Charbonnier.

Brun Fine Art

Brun Fine Art is a leading international gallery specialized in sculpture, decorative arts and continental furniture of the highest quality. In the past twenty years, Augusto and Marco Brun have established the gallery’s reputation as a leading fine art gallery.

At the core of the business lies the brothers’ strong passion for art and antiques, and a fondness for introducing leading clients and art lovers to a fusion of ages, materials and events that shaped the history of art. Its focus and determination lie in sourcing extraordinary antique furniture and decorative art pieces that are works of art in their own right. Augusto and Marco Brun’s great passion for materials such as wood, marble and bronze was the fundamental reason why they started dealing in sculpture and antique furniture.

Over the years they have deepened their passion and combined it with expertise to develop a great taste for furniture created mainly in Italy and France, from the XV to the XIX century. In our galleries in Milan, Florence and London, Brun Fine Art has been proud to present remarkable examples of Pietre Dure objects, Venetian paintings and furniture and exquisite coral artworks from Trapani.

Alessandro Algardi
(Bologna 1598- Rome 1654)
Madonna and child
Bronze, h. 48 cm

Alain Pautot

Alain Pautot has specialised for 35 years in the creations of the great jewellers of the 20th century, in particular those of the Place Vendôme.

He has built his reputation on rare and high quality pieces from the Art Deco period to the 1970s, signed by the great names in jewellery such as Van Cleef Arpels, Boucheron, Cartier, Bulgari…

These pieces are selected for their style, their originality, their high aesthetic quality and are presented at the most prestigious trade fairs.

Important Butterfly brooch set with rubies, sapphires and diamonds 19th century.

Trembling Butterfly broche.
Rubies, sapphires and diamonds
19th century

Galerie Jean-Christophe Charbonnier

Founded in 2008Galerie Jean-Christophe Charbonnier is specialized in the Art of Japan with a particular focus on arms and amours. The selection of objects* on display, predominantly pieces of exception, has contributed to the international recognition of the gallery both by private collectors and institutions in France and abroad. Indeed, over the past ten years, the gallery has initiated some of the most prestigious museum acquisitions of Japanese armour. Amongst the most significant, in 2013, the spectacular and highly publicized helmet that entered the Louvre Abu Dhabi collections; and the purchase, in 2016, of an armour from the Matsudaira clan by Guimet—the French National Museum of Asian Art, listed as an artwork of significant patrimonial interest.

So far over fifteen institutions have exhibited or acquired pieces from the gallery Initially established at rue de Verneuil in the 7th arrondissement in Paris, the gallery opened, in November 2018, a new exhibition space at the heart of the capital, on the île Saint-Louis. Designed to offer visitors a unique perspective on its artwork, the new venue intends to schedule several thematic exhibitions a year, inviting the public to discover the diverse and fascinating beauty of Japanese objects through its selection of outstanding works.

Lastly, in addition to his position as gallery owner, Jean-Christophe Charbonnier has authored an abundance of important literature and reference books in European languages on the subject of Japanese armour. For instance, he recently organized for the Musée national des arts asiatiques—Guimet and the Palais de Tokyo the exhibition “Daimyo, Warlords of Japan” which opened in spring 2018, and published the catalogue.

Galerie Jean-Christophe Charbonnier has been a member of the Syndicat National des Antiquaires since 2009, of the CINOA (International Confederation of Art Dealers) as well as the NKBKHK (Nihon Katchû Bugu Kenkyû Honzon Kai), the association for the research and preservation of Japanese amour.

Hatomune-Dô Gusoku 鳩胸胴具足 18th-19th century  Iron, lacquer, silk, metal, leather

Hatomune-Dô Gusoku
18th-19th century
Iron, lacquer, silk, metal, leather
Armour bearing the crest of the Yamaguchi 山口,
daimyô of Ushiku 牛久 in Itachi 常陸

The Yamaguchi clan was a daimyô family (fudai) that descended from a cadet branch of the Ouchi clan 大内, which ruled the Ushiku fief in Itachi from 1628 until Meiji.

Dimensions with stand: height 132 cm / width 90 cm / depth 68 cm

Provenance :
Private Japanese collection

© Galerie JC Charbonnier


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