Newsletter no. 26

Monday 2 October 2023 

Each week discover the exhibitors of FAB PARIS 2023.

This week, discover an Etruscan-Corinthian Art sculpture chosen by Galerie Tarantino, a gold and rock crystal necklace exhibited by Frédérique Mattei and an enamelled porcelain vase proposed by Didier Luttenbacher.

Galerie Tarantino

Located in the “New Athens” area of Paris, next to the Church of Notre Dame de Lorette, Antoine Tarantino has a passion for Italian Old Masters drawings and paintings and archaeology.

He offers an evocation of the Italian taste, with classical antiquities alongside Old Masters. These specialities complement each other well, and their association is an identitary mark of the Galerie Tarantino.

A room is especially dedicated to old masters drawings, displaying italian artists of the 16th to the 18th century.

The exhibitions regulary organized by the gallery allow the publication of catalogs involving numerous scholars.

Etruscan-Corinthian Art, Early 6th century  BC , Plastic aryballos depicting a reclining fawn, Clay

Etruscan-Corinthian Art
Early 6th century  BC
Plastic aryballos depicting a reclining fawn
9.5 x 8.5 cm

Dr H. C. S. Schweitzer,
Sotheby’s London, 15 July 1980, lot n. 85,
Sotheby’s London, 5 July 1982, lot n. 293

Galerie A la reine Margot, exhibition catalogue,
Mémoire de la Beauté, La toilette et la parure de l’Egypte Prédynastique aux mérovingiens,
Paris 27 October – 31 December 1987, n. 39 (illustrated)

Frédérique Mattei

Frédérique Mattei inscribes his creations in a research work on the notion of the link. Her compositions link and build universes to creat a new harmony. In the filiation of the Decorative Arts, it is through jewellery, drawing, sculpture and the creation of Art objects that she expresses herself.

Jewellery-sculptures in limited series, multicoloured rings made of precious gems, sculptural necklaces, unique pieces connecting beads and elements of all centuries and all civilizations. Gold, silver, precious stones, fine stones, rock crystal… make up a refined and dreamlike universe.

She receives, by appointment, in an astonishing setting, an atelier-gallery, hidden away from view.

Three gold thali, Series of gold and rock crystal Indian beads

Three gold thali
Series of gold and rock crystal Indian beads

Didier Luttenbacher

Founded in 1987 by Didier Luttenbacher and located in Paris and near Avignon, the Galerie Didier Luttenbacher specialises in original creations from the Manufacture nationale de Sèvres, in artist’s ceramics and in objects of art and creation after 1850. Its research and expertise focus on unique works, remarkable for their design and their artistic quality.

Expert specialist in ceramics of the Manufacture de Sèvres (Sevres Manufactory) from the end of the 19th century and the 20th century Didier Luttenbacher is a member of the Societé des Amis de Sèvres which gathers specialists and amateurs of Sèvres ceramics, a member of the French National Chamber of Specialized Experts (CNES), of the European Confederation of Art Experts (CEDEA) and of the French Syndicat des Antiquaires (SNA).

Vase “The Four Seasons” in glazed porcelain.
Louis Süe (1875-1968)
Adrien Leduc (a. 1919-1964)
Manufacture Nationale de SÈVRES (1740- present)
France, Sèvres
Dated 1935
H: 28 cm / 11 in. Ø: 21,5 cm / 8.5 in.

This Vase was specially designed by Louis Süe and executed by the Manufacture de Sèvres for the decoration of the French liner SS Normandie.

Manufacture nationale de Sèvres; The French Line (Compagnie Générale Transatlantique) on the SS Normandie; […]; Private Collection, France.


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