25, rue de Bourgogne, 75007 Paris
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Amélie- Margot Chevalier and Céline Letessier

The Galerie Chevalier, located at 25, rue de Bourgogne in the 7th arrondissement, is the continuation of the family business that dates back to 1917. The gallery is now run by Céline Letessier and Amélie-Margot Chevalier, continuing the passion initiated by their parents Dominique Chevalier and Nicole de Pazzis-Chevalier.

The gallery now focuses on modern (1920 to 1960) and contemporary (1970 to the present) tapestries.  You can admire the great names of the 20th century tapestry revival (Jean Lurçat, Mathieu Matégot, Pierre Daquin, Emile Gilioli, Robert Wogensky…) and the contemporary artists who use, decline or divert this medium in the 21st century (Jon Eric Riis, Françoise Paressant…). The Galerie Chevalier also edits contemporary Parsua rugs that perpetuate a Persian tradition and celebrate a method of production that respects both man and nature. 

The Galerie Chevalier is also highly regarded as an expert and consultant in antique rugs and antique tapestries.

Galerie Chevalier, Tapisserie "Le Quatuor" / Tapestry "The Quatuor

The Quatuor

Tapestry after a cartoon by Marc Saint Saëns (1903-1979)
France, Aubusson, Atelier Tabard
Woven in wool and cotton (cotton warp, wool weft)

20th century, circa 1950

Woven signature of the artist lower left
H. 9ft x W. 9ft 2 1/2