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Frédérique Mattei

For about twenty years, Frédérique Mattei worked in the field of international relations and political communication.  Passionate about the «World of Ideas» and the History of Civilizations, she has been collecting beads since she was very young.  Born with Humanity, these elements are the attributes of beauty and power. 

In 2015, she shows her creations for the first time. Then, will come many exhibitions in art galleries and salons (PAD Paris and PAD London, Fine Arts Paris). She inscribes her creations in a research work on the notion of link. His compositions connect and build universes in order to create a new harmony.  In the filiation of the Decorative Arts, it is through jewellery, drawing, sculpture and the creation of Art objects that she expresses herself.

Frédérique MATTEI, Green Rajasthan

Frédérique MATTEI
(Born in1968)

Green Rajasthan

Beads from different places and periods on this necklace