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Brun Fine Art

Brun Fine Art is a leading international gallery specialized in sculpture, decorative arts and continental furniture of the highest quality. In the past twenty years, Augusto and Marco Brun have established the gallery’s reputation as a leading fine art gallery.

At the core of the business lies the brothers’ strong passion for art and antiques, and a fondness for introducing leading clients and art lovers to a fusion of ages, materials and events that shaped the history of art. Its focus and determination lie in sourcing extraordinary antique furniture and decorative art pieces that are works of art in their own right. Augusto and Marco Brun’s great passion for materials such as wood, marble and bronze was the fundamental reason why they started dealing in sculpture and antique furniture.

Over the years they have deepened their passion and combined it with expertise to develop a great taste for furniture created mainly in Italy and France, from the XV to the XIX century. In our galleries in Milan, Florence and London, Brun Fine Art has been proud to present remarkable examples of Pietre Dure objects, Venetian paintings and furniture and exquisite coral artworks from Trapani.

Alessandro ALGARDI, (Bologna, 1598 - Rome, 1654), Virgin and Child, Bronze

Alessandro ALGARDI
(Bologna, 1598 – Rome, 1654)

Virgin and Child

Bronze resting on an ebonized wooden base
H. 48 cm