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Applicat-Prazan is a leading international gallery of modern art located in Paris.

Their line is as follows:

Hyper-specialization which has led the gallery to concentrate uniquely on European Post-war and on the most significant Artists of this period who worked in Paris: JeanDubuffet, Jean Fautrier, Hans Hartung, Jean Hélion, Asger Jorn, Wifredo Lam, Alberto Magnelli, André Masson, Georges Mathieu, Serge Poliakoff, Jean-Paul Riopelle, Pierre Soulages, Nicolas de Staël, Maria Elena Vieira da Silva, Wols,Zao Wou-Ki, …

Hyper-selectivity – confining the gallery’s choice of paintings to those we judge to be of the best quality, a policy specifically adapted to the private collector who by definition takes a long term view of things, smoothing out the effects of speculation.

Alberto MAGNELLI, Pierres n°2 bis, 1932


Pierres n°2 bis

Oil on canvas
160 x 100 cm

Collection of the artist
Private collection, Metz